Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where do I begin~~~~~

I am planning this blog as I write here and now. So please bear with me. I have been a follower of so many of you, learning and discovering what our future has in store. We are wanna be full timers who plan to start in 2012 if all falls into place as we hope it will. We have decided on a 5th wheel and truck for our home on wheels. We have a home on the Mississippi River in Iowa along with around 10+ acres of land, horse barn, and horses. We plan to sell it all and move about this beautiful country as soon as we can. We will start out with short trips to begin with.  Anxious to get started is putting it mildly.

We have two beautiful daughters, 3 great grandkids and 4 hilarious dogs. Our daughter Tammy lives in Iowa along with most all of our extended family and Emilee lives in Arizona. Pretty convenient don't ya think? 

We plan to travel along with our other family.  Cj is our Corgi, Libby is our Jack Russell, Oprah and Mandy are our poodles. I have purchased a book (3"thick) all about pet friendly camping in every state of the union....after all we want our puppies to be welcome where ever we go.

We have worked hard and plan to retire hard because we deserve it! Stay with us as we prepare for our Fiver Adventures!!

Thanks for listening to me with my first post.

Until next time ~~~~Travel safely


  1. Welcome to the blogging RV community. I'm also a wanna be - hopefully in 2012. Luckily I only have a condo to sell (or lease if I can't get enough $ for it). I have one small dog, in about a year hope to purchase a used, small Class C RV. Can't wait, but it will be here before we know it.
    PS I am having a problem using the Follower button, I'll keep trying, but am following along with you.

  2. Welcome, welcome, welcome! we wish you a smooth and enjoyable transition into your new found lifestyle. {{hugs}}

  3. Hi guys! We just found your blog and are looking forward to following along on your path to fulltiming. Keep writing!


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