Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fiver Open House~~~~~

DH is making his way home.  Bed is very very comfortable, he reports.  Emilee's reaction was Mom you are gonna $#$#.  It is huge, she said.  I am very happy with her reaction and am looking forward to seeing it in person in a few days myself.  (goosebumps and butterflies)

I plan to have an open "fiver" house warming so all of our family and friends can have a look.  Has anyone else done this?  I can't wait to get started.....cleaning it, decorating it, etc.  Can't believe I said I can't wait to clean something?!?! That's a first.  LOL  We want to let all of those nay sayers see what our future holds and I truly believe they will change their opinions once they see our "new" RV home.  Some folk can't believe we are giving up our "River" home. 

While we have many wonderful memories in this home, we plan to have just as many in our home on wheels.  They will see especially if they follow our blog.  We would like to welcome our new followers Bill and Cap.


  1. Hi Sue,
    Just went to RV-Dreams and saw your post and your blogspot address. I will be following you as I'm excited for you and your new 5er! Can't wait to see the inside...it looks awesome...and wow...your truckin tow vehicle is awesome too....no need to worry about tow weights with that thing!! We just bought a 5er (not as big as yours, though) since we're keeping our S&B house for now as we try out this RVing lifestyle. I've been getting it ready to roll and decorating and putting everything in place...it's such fun! I also love your hair...glad it's not grey!! I color mine and most fulltiming ladies don't....I also wear makeup...one of the Dreamers told me I'd be out of place in RV Parks unless they were the upscale....don't think so....when mama looks good...she's happy!!
    Can't wait to see your pictures.....

  2. An open house sounds like a great idea to me! We will want to have friends and family over when our fiver arrives (although it is a couple years away yet). :)

  3. Hi guys! What a terrific idea, an open house. May steal that idea :)

  4. WOW! I know you are very excited. Can't wait to see pictures.

    Travel Safe

  5. So glad to see another Iowan taking to the road. We just started but are loving it. Have fun at your house warming!

  6. How exciting. I will be looking forward to the virtual open house.

  7. When we first started fulltiming in 2004 we had an open house. Now that we aren't on the road any longer we need to have one in our S&B!


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