Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh heavenly bed~~~~~

It is wonderful as DH had assured me it was.  LOL

We are still having issues figuring a few things out but this too shall pass.  Our puppies our still a bit confused but they will adjust as well.  We are still in awe at how much room we have in this unit.  I was concerned about this when we were looking at MH vs Fiver's.  We felt (our opinion only) that the fiver living room was more like what would be in a small apartment.  However, the MH's we were looking at were very homey as well.  Believe me when I tell you we have gone back and forth on our decision with which one to buy and we know now that we made the right decision for us.  The cost difference alone was the main reason we went this way.  We did not want to spend our entire equity on a home on wheels, we wanted to have a little more of a nest egg besides our 401K's when we finally do hit the road full timing.

DH has to head back out on the road we won't be able to camp in it again for a while but I am sure I will have lots of folks over to show it off yet this weekend.

Until next time~~~~Travel Safely

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