Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We got lights~~~~~

DH left a basement light on in the Fiver a couple days ago and when I went over there last night no lights and no way to start the generator. Soooooooooo, he talked me through hooking up the generator to our charger and low and behold I did it right because tonight I have lights again and there is a good strong charge on the batteries.  I made sure all the lights and frig are off now and he will be home Friday late so we will hopefully get the 50 amp hook up at the horse barn and we won't have to worry about that again.  At the very least, I did learn from this experience.  Knowledge is a good thing.......right?  Ladies

You never know when you will need to do some things that you take for granted because your DH does them.  I plan to learn as much as he does about our new home so if need be I will be capable of handling any situation which is including driving the big truck pulling the big rig.  I pulled around a three horse goose neck trailer with living quarters behind a 3/4 ton GMC diesel for several years by myself and CJ my Corgi.  Gosh we had a good time, he and I.  We would meet my horse trainer and her Doby, Maggie at the horse shows and those two dogs were the best of friends....just like Nancy and I.   Ahhhhhh.....great memories those are!

Until next time~~~~Travel safely


  1. Absolutely!! Don't just watch the man do the work, do it yourself too. One year we went to Colorado, and Jonathan had to have emergency surgery. I had to do ALL of the hooking up all by myself. Did I mention I drove through the continental divide towing our fifth wheel...by myself??!? Not only was it important to learn this stuff in case of an emergency, but it also makes me feel like one tough chick! :)

  2. I bet you'll be able to handle driving that rig just fine. We know a lot of ladies that don't know much at all about their rigs. Their husband handle of it. This is not a good situation. Learn all you can just in case something should happen to him and he is unable to take care of it. By the way, your rig is beautiful.

    Travel Safe

  3. You'll do fine driving the rig. Ditto on the "tough chick" comment. I sort of enjoy the looks I get when driving down the road towing a 40ft 5er! I need to learn more about the battery charging. I'm good with pretty much everything else. Summer of 09 Johnny had his ankle fused 6 weeks before our annual trip to Daytona Beach, FL. No weight on his right leg for 3 months! I handled all the hooking up, unhooking, setting up, breaking down etc. Not to mention getting him in and out of the trailer. Good to know I can do it.

    Once you get the 50 amp hook up, make sure you understand the battery bypass/inverter thing. We burned up our first battery because we didn't.

    Have fun!


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