Thursday, December 23, 2010

Desert's Edge RV Park~~~~~

Is a really nice park...It has won many awards and is called the Purple Park....just like our awnings at home.

We have delightful neighbors who love dogs better then kids. That's what they said right away.  LOL  They cracked up when we just kept getting them out of the truck.  Then the two ladies took Mandy and Libby for a walk for us.

This place is full.  It has a nice pool and hot tub.  Dog turn out areas and walk areas.  We have a fruit tree in our front yard area, concrete pad and a picnic table as well.

We got our place all decorated before Emilee arrived.  She and her gang, Rusty, Layla and Spotty arrived around 7:00.  She was thrilled to see the Christmas decorations and all.  I made Shrimp Scampi and Parmesan/Brocoli Brown Rice and a tomato salad for our first dinner together.  She was a happy girl!

Two bottles of Pinot later we ended our night.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely


  1. happy holidays to you and your family..enjoy!!!

  2. I love that you love to cook in your home on wheels. I love to have home cooked meals when we take ours out....but then I LOVE to cook!
    Post some pictures of the inside...would love to see!


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