Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of our Christmas gifts~~~~~

Thanks Mom!  We can't wait to use it in Phoenix in a couple of weeks for some portabello mushrooms, shrimp kabobs and steaks.  (drooling)

Still making plans for some home cooking for Emilee but she also has informed us that she and a friend of hers will be taking us out for a nice dinner somewhere....she won't tell me where but be assured it will be a delight for the taste buds.

I also found a couple of pictures of our two poodles with me taken at a brunch the day after Thanksgiving for you pet lovers out there.  These two girls are truly a joy....and smart my goodness poodles are smart.  It is kinda scary at times. LOL  Anywho, here you go for your viewing pleasure. heehee 

 Also found one I took of Craig with the girls out in the workout room but he certainly isn't working out!
He must be taking a break...LOL

Here is one of CJ, our Corgi waiting for his supper.  He is always hungry and I am sure you can tell by the picture how under fed he is...but we love him just the same.

We can't wait to see how the four of them do on our first Fiver Adventure.  They have always loved going bye bye in anything so I doubt that this will be any different.

I guess it is getting on towards supper time so I best get a move on for now sooooo,

Until next time~~~~Travel safely


  1. Thanks for the comments..You guys just keep you eye on the prize....We aren't fulltimers....McGuyver won't pull the trigger on our stix and bricks...Nice to hear from you...keep on keepin' on!

  2. What godd looking kids you have.
    We are so jealous that you guys are going somewhere.
    Travel safe

  3. Nice grill...how big is it? I bet you're going to make some amazing food with it! What a nice mom :) I think I'm getting ashes and soot for Christmas. I've been pretty naughty this year...too much poop talk, methinks ;)

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

  4. Your dogs are beautiful!

    Your header is great - looks like the REAL DEAL! The truck and fiver are huge...you're going to have room for whatever you want to bring.

  5. portabello mushrooms.... nothing better on the grill... well except for steak :)

  6. nice 'fur kids' you have!..and a great blog..going to read some of the older posts!..

  7. Just "found"your blog through Dennis & Donna, we are like you 5th wheel wannabe's getting closer. Also dog lover's. Sam loves trains and heads for Fort Madison Ia a couple times a summer for a train fix, says he loves your depot and steam engine in Burlington. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  8. Your dogs are adorable!

    Remember to take some pictures of that amazing food you will be making on your new grill! =0)



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