Monday, December 20, 2010

They say it comes in threes~~~~~

 Bad luck that is.

12/18/2010:  1.  We finished loading this morning with our last minute items.  As I was doing a walk around (something I always did when pulling my horse trailer) I noticed one I of the tires on the Fiver (left rear) was very very low.   I asked Craig to come take a look and sure enough we were in trouble.  Soooo we headed out to Bauer Built to get it looked at and they didn't find a leak in the tire but the valve stem.  We had them put on a new one and by 11:30am we were finally on our way. 

2.  We decided to get the propane tanks all filled up so we would have four full ones.  Stopped near Wayland, Missouri at the Flying J and filled our fuel tanks and propane tanks.  Unfortunately we couldn't fill all the tanks because one of them had a loose valve.  No biggie we still had three full ones.

3.  We still had not gotten our fresh water tank filled yet so we stopped in Palmyra, Missouri.  Craig was out getting the hose ready and I was in charge of the faucet...."turn it on honey",  which I did and low and behold we were filling up with fresh water.  Woohoo...  Not!!  I went around to the Fiver to get my water bottle filled up and there was water running out of the door!! "CRAIG SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG"!  I screamed.  We went inside to find water gushing from under the fridge.  We started throwing towels everywhere and come to find out DH had forgotten to re-attach the water lines for the fridge from de-winterizing for our trip.  Again no big deal and my kitchen tile was now sparkling clean!  LOL

We decided to stop at a Walmart and spend the night as we were wiped out after all that had taken place. 

We woke up after a great nights sleep to snow.

12-19-10:  We traveled a good distance today via the Kansas turnpike.  The puppies are doing so well.  We are very proud of them.  When we stop to relieve ourselves...we take them as well.  When we stop for the night they make themselves right at home in the Fiver just as they do at home.  It is a great relief seeing how well our family is adjusting.  Last night was a wonderful night in the Fiver.  We found a very nice RV park called Evergreen RV in Pratt, KS.  We had full hook-up which included electric, water, sewer and cable TV.  Woohoo we get to watch TV.  We have not been able to get our Dish network going for some reason and I plan to give them a call.  We had a nice dinner of homemade chicken and noodles (I had even made the noodles) salad, and garlic bread.....a bottle of Pinot for me..heehee and several beers for DH.

12-20-10:  We are off now again heading SW on Hwy 54.  We got on the road this am at 10:30.  We plan to put in 400 miles today and stop again.  We did end up finding a propane dealer and now we have four propane tanks full for the next dry camping we do. 

More news later today......

Until next time~~~~Travel safely


  1. Bumps in the Road, We all experience them. Just remember a bump in the road doesn't stop ya, it only slows you down.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise


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