Thursday, December 23, 2010

We have had quite a day~~~~~

Emilee and her group left by 9 or so this morning.  She had to go to work today.  We had decided to go to the store today to get our supplies that we will need for the week so we took off for Walmart and it was very close to where we are staying.

After about an hour and a half we returned back with our "load"....we had completed our unloading and the asst manager came to our Fiver and said they had been getting complaints about the they asked us to move to another area in the park and allowed us to stay with them even though we had two to many dogs.  We have always said that things happen for a reason.  We happen to love our spot better then the first one so we are very happy to have been asked to move. 

Here it is.

We added a puppy gate in our Fiver as well and it works well.

We certainly are learning alot.  We understand the park rules and plan to be very discrete with the puppies from now on as we do not want to get booted out.

We did up all of our laundry and DH spent time in the hot tub.  In our living room we have two movie type electric recliners with drink cup holders.  I poured a glass of soda and you won't believe what I did while DH was in the hot tub.  I decided to change the channel on the TV and without thinking set the remote into the cup holder forgetting that I had just put my glass of soda in it.  You guessed it DEAD REMOTE.  With a hair dryer and a little patience, it finally started working again.  My bad...

We just finished a quick supper of brats (on the new grill, thanks Mom) and baked tators and we are relaxing now for the night.  I wonder when vacation will start.....LOL  Just kidding we have been laughing about everything that has taken place so far and we are loving this warm weather.  It got up into the 70's today.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely

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