Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Goodness How Long It Has Been~~~~~

Can't explain why I haven't blogged for another month or make that almost two months.  Let's see what has been going on ... the river has been flooding seems like forever.  We are now driving in to our house again and hope to get the lawn done very soon.  We went on a short over nighter this past weekend just to make sure we remember everything and we do.  We have planned our summer trip and look forward to that.  We are going to Boyd Lake near Loveland, Colorado.  Thanks to Wheeling It blog we are going there upon their recommendation.  We decided to go to Colorado because we love this state.  It was where we went on our very first trip together for two weeks in a pop-up before we were married so it had to have been 37 years ago.  Great time and beautiful country.

We will keep up with pictures on this journey but it will only be for 5 nights.  We will leave July 29th and come home on August 5th.

We are again planning a big trip after Christmas this year....back to Phoenix for 3 weeks!  Woohoo!  Our daughter Emilee bought a home there with RV parking (how convenient) HEEHEE.  It will be a grand trip!

Other then that, I plan a short trip with my friend/horse trainer to go to Des Moines to a big horse show in September and am really looking forward to that trip too.

DH will be retiring in February of 2012 and he is counting the days...I swear.  Don't blame him though.  He plans to get something part time until I retire the following year.  Unless by chance we sell the house before then.  When the house sells....I retire!  Period!  Then we are off on Our Fiver Adventures!

Until next time~~~~Travel Safely

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  1. Cheers for the comment on my blog. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures on here!


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