Friday, August 5, 2011

Last night in Colorado~~~~~

It was a great day yesterday and last night was especially nice with our special supper.  It will be our last night here at Boyd Lake Campground and we will be enjoying ribeyes on the grill barring no rain.  Foil potatoes, carrots and onions will be the side dish and for dessert warm brownies with homemade ice cream from a place we found in our travels of yesterday.

Here are a few more pictures from our campground from when I took my walk with CJ and Oprah.  Craig takes Libby and Mandie with him on his run.  It works out really well as CJ can't go too far and I bring him back and then Oprah and I take a really good fast walk around the park.

Mandie and Oprah waiting to go!

Libby waiting to go!

Craig taking off down the trail with his girls....

Cj and Oprah taking me on a walk.....

These are from very near our site....

Until Next Time~~~~~Travel Safely

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  1. the grilling is a nice side benefit of camping... we had marinated pork tenderloin and veggie kabobs with new potatoes on the grill tonight... boy I hate this life!


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