Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home in Phoenix~~~~~

We had an uneventful ride from Roper Lake back to Phoenix.  Last night we decided on Italian for dinner and Emilee and I went by ourselves.  DH decided he wanted to just lay up and watch TV.  He had the left over lettuce wraps I had made the night before.  We ended up bringing him home salad and alfredo from the place we went to called ??? I can't remember.  It was not as good as we had hoped for.

Today Emilee went back to work and I have been doing laundry all morning and sitting in the sun.  The weather is beautiful here.  Em's neighborhood is so quiet and the folk are very nice and friendly.  This gives me peace of mind for sure.  Her home is so comfy even with all the dog and cat hair....heehee (just kidding)

We are both kinda anxious to start home and get back into the swing of things but will be ready to make another return trip here at the end of this year again.  We really like it here.  After we retire we plan to make this our home base during the winter months and take off and explore during the summer months because of the intense heat here in Phoenix during that time.

We miss all of our families and hope all is well.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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  1. Just catchin' up on your travels. We spent a week at Roper Lake last year and really enjoyed it. Sounds like you did too.


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