Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Destination ~~~~~

Auburn, about 92 miles ahead.  Uneventful ride across Iowa on 34.  As usual the puppies are perfect travelers.  We made it!  Here is our home for a few days while we spend time at HUA which is the No Kill Animal (mostly small dog) Rescue. 

It is a very clean little RV Park....quiet and peaceful
We decided to grab a bite for supper at Darlings Cafe across the street from the was an old diner type place.  Steak salads were good and we plan to visit again for breakfasts this weekend as well.  Here we are waiting for our supper.....

Our View

Awwww....peace and quiet did I mention quiet earlier.   HA  were we in for a surprise at oh maybe midnight or so when the ground started to shake and the noise so loud it was quite a scare......the tracks we thought looked abandoned were in fact alive and well with FREIGHT TRAINS!  I think there were at least four throughout the night.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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