Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chicken Divan and Company~~~~~

Emilee had two of her co-workers come for supper last night....Dr. Channing, the head vet of AAWL and Victoria, the Clinic Manager of the public clinic.  Emilee is the Clinic Manager of the AAWL/SPCA.  They were to meet to go over their 2013 budget.  But we had such a great time visiting they didn't get to much talk about the budget.

At Em's request, I made chicken divan, salad and garlic bread.  It turned out and everyone enjoyed dinner and great conversation.  Not much budget talk but they have time to get that done.  It was really nice to meet two of Emilee's co-workers.  I look forward to volunteering at the clinic while I am here.

Today we are planning a couple of massages but Emilee just called and doesn't feel good so I hope it isn't that awful cold that I had.  I had some meds so got those into her and back to bed she went.  Other then that, we may just lay low today depending how she feels after waking.

Craig and I may make a run to Walmart for a few supplies to finish up some other honey dos to be done here.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely

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