Saturday, January 5, 2013

Great day for a run~~~~~

Emilee and I ran this am doing a 4.5 miler down Central Avenue which is the oldest trail riding road in Phoenix.  It is gravel and easy to run on and oh so beautiful with the older gorgeous homes along the way.  It is approx. two blocks from Emilee's home and neighborhood.

Craig did more honey do's again both our home and Em's home.  :)

We planned for a BBQ tonight and made pork country ribs marinated in my sweet sauce and chicken boobies as well.  Plus I made homemade red potato mashed and spagetti zuchini.  It was delish from what I was told.

Last night Emilee got home quite late so we decided to go to happy hour at her neighborhood bar and Craig opted to stay home.  We had a great time and ended up at Via Delosantos...remember Mom this is the place we went to the first night we arrived for Em's open house.

Well I better get a move on....

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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