Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oreganos Yum~~~~~

We went to a place called Oreganos last night, Craig, myself, Emilee and her best friend Tim.  What a great and neat place to eat.  We started off with wine and then our first course was delish bruschetta.  Craig had a steak salad, I had a wonderful pasta dish, Em had a gigantic shrimp salad and Tim did a pasta dish.  It was sooooo good we want to go back again before we leave.

Today we went to the huge home show and it was great.  Tonight Tim and Em are going to go out for a few and we are going to stay home.  That suits us just fine.  I want to watch Miss America anyways.

Other then that we are starting on our last week here on Tuesday.... :(

More blogging will be done later....

Until Next

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