Sunday, October 27, 2013

Approximately 3 weeks until we start~~~~

Our Fiver Adventures for real....we are getting the house emptied and finishing up last minute details.

The house has been leased by some professionals coming into town for the new fertilizer plant.  This is a big project and will bring many jobs to the area which is a good thing.  We are thrilled to welcome Sarah, Antonio and Kris to our home and to Burlington, Iowa.

The movers are coming to pick up the rest of our furniture which is going to Emilee's home in Phoenix the first of November.  We have emptied the house on stilts into the house on wheels for the most part.  We are pretty filled up because of all of our plants.  Several of which will be planted in Emilee's yard.  Three yucca's and an umbrella tree.  Maybe a few others we shall see.  In the mean time the Fiver is comfy enough for all of us.  We are a little cramped but that is also because we are taking a deck set with us to set out when we stop on our way to Phoenix.

I am making homemade veggie soup this evening using some short ribs and also had some ground beef so threw in some meatballs.  Sure does smell good.... :)

Since I am still working I am staying in the house until next Friday when we will move the Fiver from our farm area to a decent trailer park.  I will be working until November 8th so it will work out perfect for us.

We are so close to starting our Fiver Adventures and can finally see the "bright light at the end of the tunnel"!

Until Next Time~~~~~Travel Safely

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