Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Corral RV Park in Dalhart, Tx

Nice nice nice....we will go back there one day I am sure...put it in our favorites on Good Sam App.

However, the arrival while being uneventful turned out to be an issue with our big Arizona room slide.  It started out but then made a horrible loud noise and stopped working.  Thankfully it had only gone out a few inches but we definitely needed to find someone to work on it.

We were only about 85 miles north of Amarillo so we decided to try there first since we were planning to head that direction anyway.  However, the place we called first told us it would probably be a week or so.  No way on that.  Next I suggested we google on a place in Dalhart and low and behold a company came up called Dalhart Machine and Bearings.  They were so awesome and told us to bring it by even though they had never worked on a RV slide before.

We arrived at the little mom and pop shop to be greeted by someone that could easily have passed for Santa except he had red hair and a long red beard.  He crawled under the Fiver and took a look and next thing we know he has the slide motor out and is bringing it to us to explain exactly what had taken place...the motor has 3 motor mounts and 2 were broke off.  More then likely this has been something that would have happened sooner or later.

He took the motor inside his shop and his welder performed some magic and within 2 hours we were on our way to our next stop...Fort Amarillo RV Resort.  Check it out:

Those guys were wonderful and we were shocked at how inexpensive the bill was for the work they performed.  One of those small businesses that keep this country going.....

Laundry and dinner going now.......

Here is dinner tonight......BBQ chicken, buttered parsnips (in honor of Mom she loved em)and salad!

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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  1. always nice to find an honest competent mechanic when on the road...


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