Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Nascar and Steak on the Grill~~~~~

We went for a nice 2.1 mile run this am with the puppies.  West Burlington, where we are staying until the 16th is such a clean city.  Very enjoyable to run the sidewalks of this small town.

NASCAR today at 2:00 which is out in Phoenix.  Wish we were there already....

Sirloin on the grill will be the main meal of today.  It's really nice and sunny today but we are expecting very cold temps on Tues and Wed.  We are hoping to get out of Iowa before the snow starts in.....

I am also planning to bake a pumpkin pie today too.

This coming week will be a busy one with finishing up some estate issues of my Mom's.....

Until next time~~~~Travel Safely

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