Monday, November 25, 2013

Without A Paddle~~~~~

Long time no internet in the last two spots so here goes trying to catch you all up with us.

Three nights ago we made it to Mountainair, NM and stayed in a so so RV Park.  Hey electric and water and septic was available but we opted to just do E/W.  Since we arrived early enough I was able to use our Weber (Thanks Mom) for some delish NY strips (Thanks Tracy).  Tracy grows the best organic beef in Iowa.  Here is a look at our dinner from Thursday night.

New York Strip, Baked Tator and Cheese Brocoli

Friday morning we woke to everything covered in ice.  It therefore took us a while to get started, probably around 10:00am.  We were trying to decide which way to go due to the weather.  We were about an hour east of I25 which we could take south to I10 or our original plan was to pick up Hwy 60 near Soccoro, NM.  We checked the (511) weather for 60 and all was clear.  We decided to head on Hwy 60 to Show Low, Az.

When reaching Show Low, Az around 3:00pm we opted to head south to Globe due to the weather coming in which would probably hit Show Low overnight.  We were making good time and decided to go on into Globe.  It was raining but visibility was good until around 5:30 it turned into a slow move through some serpentine highway turns...(very scary).  Suddenly, fog came into play and we slowed way down even though we only go 55 at best.  However, we were only running around 35 and suddenly BAM BOOM!!!  We hit a rock in the road.  Due to all the rain they are falling onto the road way.  A Semi, several cars and us all hit rocks on the highway.

We knew we had an issue but had no place to pull over so we put our flashers on and crawled to a safe area to stop and assess the damage.  What Craig could find was that we had indeed hit a rock and that it bent a rim on one of our dullys but the tire was not flat.  We decided we had to get to Globe which by the way was only 25 miles away.  But running at 20 mph was going to take quite a while.  By around 7:30pm we made it to Globe and followed the GPS to the RV park I had found on line.

However, the GPS took us to a Safeway grocery....and no park in sight.  What now....but again low and behold another good Samaritan stops next to us and ask are you looking for the park?  Yes and thank you and he showed us the way.  He even stopped back by to make sure the park had room for us because if not he was going to show us to another place.  Wow......

Due to the incident earlier we were not hungry, we could not get dish or local antenna TV, so we decided to watch a movie and decided on Without a Paddle, a comedy.  It was a great movie and an excellent way to end the our day.

Saturday morning we were up and about and heading to Big O tire so they could remove the tire and rim.  It was raining so it wasn't very pleasant but they jumped right in and took care of business and had us on our way to Phoenix which was still 80 plus miles away.

Finally, we arrived at Emilee's home and had a great day and pictures from Saturday or Sunday since we were all just catching up with everything.

Early on we made a decision not to do three things after we started our travels and they are:

1. Do not drive more then 200 miles per day.
2. Do not drive in poor weather conditions.
3. No night time driving.

We felt as if we were Up a Creek Without a Paddle after not following those three things.  Never again.

Until Next Time~~~~~Travel Safely


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