Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Friends~~~~~

Just heard from DH and he is on his way home with our new home on wheels.  He can't quit talking about how awesome it is.  He says I will love the kitchen and all the storage is unbelievable as well.  Now I will be on pins and needles waiting for his safe return.  His flight was uneventful and this is really a good thing because he hates to fly.  Since he is an over-the-road driver he is very familiar with the West coast and shouldn't have any problems finding his way home. LOL  He plans to stop and show our daughter Emilee in Phoenix but plans to be home by Thursday.  Woohoo!!  (screaming)

I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about this new adventure we are about to so many of you have already been doing and you are all so uplifting and encouraging.  I am so glad I decided to start this blog now before we start traveling.  I am hoping that I will continue to get new followers as well.  Thank you to all of you that have already joined my blog.  Someday we hope to meet up with many of you.  We enjoy having a good time just so you know up front!!  heehee

Well...I certainly hope I can get some sleep tonight but I am already starting to think about how I am planning to decorate our "new" home.  And DH's "man" truck.....well enough said.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely