Sunday, March 9, 2014

Breakfast at the neighbors~~~~~

Yesterday we were invited for breakfast across the street from us for waffles.  Gene and June from Illinois and Wisconsin are childhood sweethearts but not before they both had very long marriages.  Seriously, they were together at like 16 and 18.  Then seven years ago they hooked back up and now live together.  It is really sweet.  The waffle breakfast was delish.  We were served sausage links and hot maple syrup and hot black raspberry syrup.  I took melon and fresh juice.  Another couple, can't remember the names also were invited.  Gene and June are the couple that give all the pups in the neighborhood treats when they walk by.  Yesterday June and I were sitting in the sun when a tiny Chihuahua named Taco bopped in for a treat...thankfully he lead me back to his house so I could put him away.  He had some how opened his doggie gate.

Sorry no pictures.....Craig ended up trying to help Gene fix the water line leak under their park model which took most of the day but to no avail so they are going to tackle that again today.  I hope it works out better today.

We plan to also try and watch the Las Vegas NASCAR race today.  Later we are going to take Em to an Italian place called DeFalco's in Scottsdale.  We are looking forward to that for sure.

More news later....

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely