Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boyd Lake Campground~~~~~

We have did not disappoint.  Here are a few pictures from our site number 31...

Here is our view....

This place has bike/walk/run paths all around the lake...

We are very content with our choice this time out. Lots of folks have stopped by to admire our rig...we are very proud of it.  Heehee.

We are resting this evening but I have made Oyster Cracker snack for munching on and for dinner we will have marinated sliced turkey breast on our grill (Thanks Mom), baked tators and "Gerst Farms" peaches and cream sweet corn.  Turkey and Corn on the grill picture....

Sounds good huh?  Oh and for dessert.....Lemon Drop Martini's!

Life is good on our first night on the lake.....

Until next time~~~~Travel Safely

Saturday, July 30, 2011


The longest state in the nation I swear.  We have landed after a very long day at Big Springs, NE at a very nice truck stop.  Had a bite to eat and have been relaxing.  Tomorrow we will have a short 4 hour drive to Boyd Lake Campground and really look forward to our 5 nights there.  I will post pictures for your viewing pleasure....

In the mean time, I am fading fast and therefore will sign out for now.

Until next time~~~~Travel Safely

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finished up packing the Fiver frig~~~~~

last night along with many other items we will need for our next adventure.  We certainly hope our destination in Colorado takes us to cooler weather.  One can only hope and the forecast there shows that we should get some relief and also we will be on a lake so that should help as well.  Hard to believe how much stuff we need when we take a trip like this.  But to me it makes sense because we will not be eating or drinking out at all which is a big vacation expense.  I enjoy cooking so it does not bother me to prepare meals while on the road.  Stay tuned.....

I have many yummy meals planned and will keep the blog updated with photos of our mini vacation which will start tomorrow at around 2 or 3.  We plan to get to Des Moines Friday and then put a good day in Saturday with a Sunday noon check in at Boyd Lake Campground, Colorado.


Until next time~~~~ Travel Safely

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting ready for another road trip~~~~~

One week from yesterday we will start out on another adventure.  This time our trip will take us to Boyd Lake Campground in Colorado.  I started the grocery list today...DH will be home from his work around 2:00 and we plan to pick up groceries.  The excitement of another trip in our fiver gives me goosebumps!  I am quite sure that we will definately be ready for this lifestyle of living full time out on the road when we retire.  I promise to keep a picture blog of this short but wonderful adventure for all of your viewing pleasure.

I have been busy trying to keep the yard and garden and all of my flowers living through this Iowa drought we have had as of lately.  We did get about an inch of rain the other day.  Oh what a relief that was to see and hear.

At any rate, today will be a busy day of cleaning the S & B and shopping.......we have friends here from Cedar Rapids and hopefully will hook up with them at some point this weekend as well.  Needless to say it looks to become a very busy weekend.

Hope all is well with all my friends and followers....

Until next time~~~~Travel Safely.