Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Better later then ever~~~~~

It's taken a while to post but we have been very busy having just a little bit of cheer....

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner all prepared by Emilee.  She made a delish turkey, cheesy hash brown potatoes, green bean caserole, stuffing, seven layered salad and her friend Tim made mash tators.  For an appetizer she made these parmesan crisps (yummy)and Tim brought shrimp cocktail.  Lots of wine later...a great time was had by all.  We called it a night at around 10:00 which was very early but we were beat after the drive through the mountains.

Yesterday we spent the day running, walking, biking and just hanging out.  Emilee had to work at the North 51 Grill last night so we went there for dinner.  I had shrimp tacos, DH had chicken strips (from scratch) and we split wings and fries with another of Em's friends James.  He is a riot...and we really enjoyed him and his humor.  We went home around 9:30 and Emilee got home at 11:30.  It makes for a long day today for her but she is enjoying being back at the 51 Sunday and Monday nights. $$$$

Pictures have been few and far between as my camera is acting crazy so I will post what I have taken thus far and then we shall see whether it will snap out of it.

So here are some from the last few days.

Our Santa Chef

Santa was at Em's house

Emilee's latest family member Jessie

Our Mandie enjoying the kitchen smells

The tree was so pretty....

Acting goofy because of the camera

Well that's about it for now... we plan to make a few runs today to Petsmart for the new doggie door, a light for above her kitchen sink and some other odds and ends.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely