Sunday, January 23, 2011

One heck of a morning~~~~~

Good grief!  Went to check to see if the water over at the barn had thawed so the pump would work and low and behold I have an extra horse in my pasture and two others running around wondering how to get into my pasture because the hay is better!!  Not a fun time at the barn today with the fact the mare that got in with mine broke down a fence.  On a happier note I had water so now they have a full tank.  Whew!  Back to the neighbor's horses, they finally came over to get them and that was like a rodeo.  They did help me fix the fence so my horses don't get out so that was nice.  At any rate, just another day on the farm in the winter in Iowa!  I can't wait to be able to wake to the warm breezes we will be following around the country.  LOL

The other fun thing I woke up to this morning was our furnace decided not to heat and it is very chilly in the house so had to turn on the emergency heat and it takes a while to get the place warmed back up.  Thankfully we will not have to use the emergency heat very long before the guy can get up here within the next few days.  He is so busy with folk that have no heat which is soooo sad.

Have a grand day all cause I certainly plan to since I will be watching the big game Bears/Packers with my mom today.  It should be fun!

Until next time~~~~Travel safely

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Four Paws Kingdom~~~~~

This is our next trip this year.  We haven't decided when we will head to the Blue Ridge Mountain area yet but we will keep everyone posted.  Check out the link above and you will see why we are planning this trip.  It will be great fun for all of us!

It any of you dog lovers out there have been here before give us a holler and let us know what you thought.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Been a while~~~~~

My goodness it has been busy at work.  It was difficult getting back into the swing of things and you know I almost felt like I had jet lag.  Weird.....

Our trip was the best!  We will definately be returning to Lake Pleasant as we loved it there.  The Desert's Edge RV Park was not for us we found out after we set up camp out at the lake.  We are country folk after all and know now that we will strive to full time out in the country away from sardine type RV Resorts.  Okay for some but not for us.

I plan to add more pictures from our trip out on my facebook page if anyone is interested just go to Sue Hoschek Spear to be my friend. Heehee.

DH has the Fiver winterized and we just ordered A/C and tire covers too.  We look for to our next adventure which will be a place called Four Paws Kingdom in NC.  It looks like our kind of place for sure!! LOL

Until next time~~~~Travel safely

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The last leg of our trip~~~~~

We are in a rest area north Kansas City, MO.  Looks like we will be home sometime tomorrow between noon and two.

I look forward to getting home but certainly realized from this two week tour that we are destined to travel about this great country.  We are both enjoying our new home in some of the same ways but yet in different ways as well.  It is hard for me to explain this....but perhaps some of you will understand it.  Or maybe I am just very very tired.  LOL

At any rate, I can now understand where some of my blog followers are coming from when they talk about this life on the road.  It is very cool.

I will be posting many more pictures from our trip at a later date.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodwell, Oklahoma~~~~~

Is where we have landed for the night tonight.  We are at a lovely little park.  The puppies are playing with all of their toys.  They have ridden for many hours today.  We still are in awe at how well they have adjusted to this lifestyle.  Life is good and so is the "Cab" I am having as I write.

We will plan to put in another big day tomorrow and then will have a short day on Monday.  Tuesday I go back to work and more then likely DH will be sent out yet this week as well.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely