Sunday, January 23, 2011

One heck of a morning~~~~~

Good grief!  Went to check to see if the water over at the barn had thawed so the pump would work and low and behold I have an extra horse in my pasture and two others running around wondering how to get into my pasture because the hay is better!!  Not a fun time at the barn today with the fact the mare that got in with mine broke down a fence.  On a happier note I had water so now they have a full tank.  Whew!  Back to the neighbor's horses, they finally came over to get them and that was like a rodeo.  They did help me fix the fence so my horses don't get out so that was nice.  At any rate, just another day on the farm in the winter in Iowa!  I can't wait to be able to wake to the warm breezes we will be following around the country.  LOL

The other fun thing I woke up to this morning was our furnace decided not to heat and it is very chilly in the house so had to turn on the emergency heat and it takes a while to get the place warmed back up.  Thankfully we will not have to use the emergency heat very long before the guy can get up here within the next few days.  He is so busy with folk that have no heat which is soooo sad.

Have a grand day all cause I certainly plan to since I will be watching the big game Bears/Packers with my mom today.  It should be fun!

Until next time~~~~Travel safely


  1. Glad you have a heating back up. My kids in Cedar Rapids and Decorah agree it is too cold and snowy! Glad we left when we did.

  2. Sorry to hear that the furnace isn't working. What's your emergency heat?


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