Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How about a little Wickenburg, Arizona~~~~~

For an overnighter............

We have found a delightful spot at Desert Cypress RV Park.

It is a newer part of the park and the spot (17) is very roomy and within perfect walking distance to this historic little town.  We plan to walk for supper tonight...OH Yeah happy mama!

More pictures later maybe if you're lucky ~~~ heehee
By the way, it is 89 sunny degrees from what our thermometer says!
Hope all is well with our family and friends back in the Midwest...
Tomorrow we head over to Quartzsite, Arizona for four nights for the RV party of the year...sounds similar to Sturgis but for RVers.  Sounds great!
Here are a few more pictures like I promised.  We went to a neat place for supper tonight.


We are full~~~

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely