Monday, December 16, 2013

Truckless again~~~~~

For a short time today....the mechanic when checking over the work they had done the other day found a leak so we had to leave the truck and come back home for the afternoon.  Best they found it now then down the road some place.  Right?

Getting lists made for grocery shopping and more Christmas shopping too.  Other then that, we have been looking at putting a washer/dryer combo unit into our Fiver.  Our plan was to go to Camping World today and discuss with them.  But since the truck is in the shop we may have to do that another day this week.

Last night I rode with Em to her new clinic.  It is a nice private clinic that needs Emilee management care a bit.  She will start on that overhaul after the first of the year.  I am also going to her Holiday gathering with her co-workers Saturday so I am looking forward to meeting her people and the Doctor.

Tonight we are probably watching TV and having a quick supper depending on when we here about the truck today.

Oh I did make a reservation for a park in Quartzsite for the 16th of January.  Looking forward to that stay for a few days.  BIG RV etc. show.

Then in February for Craig's birthday we are heading to a place called Pismo Beach right on the Pacific.

Other then other travel plans I am still working on that........................

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely