Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today we relax~~~~~

and DH will be heading in town later to pick up a few supplies we will need for our trip home.  :(  It will be bitter sweet but we will have one more night with Em and her gang.  She is working today and and tomorrow but will then have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.  She will be back out here after work tomorrow night and spend most of Friday with us before we take off for Iowa.

Last night I made creamed turkey over biscuits for supper to use up the rest of our turkey and steamed broccoli.  Tonight I plan to do some grilling. 

Nope that didn't work out because we have been getting tons and tons of rain this evening.  Sooooo I got out my cook book and decided on Cheese Burger Casserole.  It made enough for an 8x8 dish and there are two pieces left.  LOL  DH liked it alot.  I only had two pcs. Heehee.  It went perfectly with a tossed salad.

One thing is for sure it is nice to have my own kitchen to make fresh homemade food.  We have only eaten out twice this whole trip.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely