Thursday, December 30, 2010

DH off for supplies~~~~~

He will be gone for well over an hour so I am on my own with the kids.  They are all sleeping...but I will get them moving since we have some sunshine today.  Very pretty out but chilly and windy.  We will be heading back to Iowa tomorrow after one more night with Em.

I am going to do ribeyes and portabellos on the grill tonight.

Today I am sad because a friend of mine and fellow worker passed away the day after Christmas.  I am so very sorry for his family.  He was only 62 and had complications after knee surgery.  Today is his funeral at home.  I am there with them in spirit and have been thinking of his family everyday since I found out what had happened.  He and I have known each other for over 20 years and just recently have been moved into the same department.  We talked alot of retirement and how wonderful it will sad he won't be able to enjoy this great time in ones life.  It certainly has been a subject of mine and DH's conversation alot more now that this has happened to my friend.  May you rest in peace my friend and may your family heal quickly and remember all the good times they have shared with you always......

Until next time~~~~Travel safely