Thursday, January 6, 2011

Been a while~~~~~

My goodness it has been busy at work.  It was difficult getting back into the swing of things and you know I almost felt like I had jet lag.  Weird.....

Our trip was the best!  We will definately be returning to Lake Pleasant as we loved it there.  The Desert's Edge RV Park was not for us we found out after we set up camp out at the lake.  We are country folk after all and know now that we will strive to full time out in the country away from sardine type RV Resorts.  Okay for some but not for us.

I plan to add more pictures from our trip out on my facebook page if anyone is interested just go to Sue Hoschek Spear to be my friend. Heehee.

DH has the Fiver winterized and we just ordered A/C and tire covers too.  We look for to our next adventure which will be a place called Four Paws Kingdom in NC.  It looks like our kind of place for sure!! LOL

Until next time~~~~Travel safely