Saturday, August 6, 2011


We have arrived and we have the A/C running to get things cooled off.  DH is out getting hooked up as we have full hook-ups tonight meaning 50amp, sewer and water.

We decided to just snack tonight instead of trying to get a meal started at 7 ish.

It is very clean here and we are satified.  It is also off the I-80 by about a mile or so and therefore we do not have any traffic noise.

Sooooo don't have to much else to say except we are all very happy to have finally stopped moving.

We will be landing at home sometime tomorrow afternoon barring any issues.  Our oil leak has re-surfaced and that put us behind about an hour or so at a rest stop.  But DH (my Mcquyver) has taken care of this and we will get home safely.  Love to all our family and friends who followed us during our Colorado Fiver Adventure!

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely