Saturday, August 6, 2011


We have arrived and we have the A/C running to get things cooled off.  DH is out getting hooked up as we have full hook-ups tonight meaning 50amp, sewer and water.

We decided to just snack tonight instead of trying to get a meal started at 7 ish.

It is very clean here and we are satified.  It is also off the I-80 by about a mile or so and therefore we do not have any traffic noise.

Sooooo don't have to much else to say except we are all very happy to have finally stopped moving.

We will be landing at home sometime tomorrow afternoon barring any issues.  Our oil leak has re-surfaced and that put us behind about an hour or so at a rest stop.  But DH (my Mcquyver) has taken care of this and we will get home safely.  Love to all our family and friends who followed us during our Colorado Fiver Adventure!

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Friday, August 5, 2011

Holiday RV Park~~~~~

In North Platte, Nebraska is soooo nice.

We arrive this evening at around 6:30pm.  I managed to get supper going within an hour which was pork steak(left over from the other night), corn on the cob, garlic bread, and pasta salad.  It was delightful and really hit the spot.  DH had another brownie with ice cream for dessert.  Now he is walking our puppies for the last time of the night.  Oprah did not want to go without me but too bad....I got nailed by mosquitos while I was cooking on the grill.

We will head out tomorrow morning for a KOA in Adel, Iowa.

It sounds and looks really nice so we look forward to that.  It will be a long day of driving but we can do it.

Until Next Time~~~~~Travel Safely

Last night in Colorado~~~~~

It was a great day yesterday and last night was especially nice with our special supper.  It will be our last night here at Boyd Lake Campground and we will be enjoying ribeyes on the grill barring no rain.  Foil potatoes, carrots and onions will be the side dish and for dessert warm brownies with homemade ice cream from a place we found in our travels of yesterday.

Here are a few more pictures from our campground from when I took my walk with CJ and Oprah.  Craig takes Libby and Mandie with him on his run.  It works out really well as CJ can't go too far and I bring him back and then Oprah and I take a really good fast walk around the park.

Mandie and Oprah waiting to go!

Libby waiting to go!

Craig taking off down the trail with his girls....

Cj and Oprah taking me on a walk.....

These are from very near our site....

Until Next Time~~~~~Travel Safely

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camping World~~~~~

We went to our first Camping World yesterday...well it was an Express store but we still ended up making some purchases.  On the way home from there we stopped at Rv America which is supposedly the largest indoor RV showroom.  It wasn't anything that we hadn't seen before but we enjoyed checking out both motorhomes and fivers.  We made quite an impression with our F650 Supercruzer....they wanted to sell us something to pull but we told them we were pulling a Royals International with mouths dropped they decided not to try and sell any more.  It was really funny.  However, this one fellow, quite the talker decided we needed to see a Tiffin Allegro Bus which I had explained was what we were looking at before we found our home.  Well the Bus was very impressive and it was the bath and 1/2 which we had not seen before.  Very very fancy coach but still way out of our price range without the Lotto win.  Heehee

This was the first time we had left our puppies at home and they did not throw a fit so that was a good thing.  We were very pleased.

We had another great day and evening finished with burgers and pasta salad for supper.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning~~~~~

Oh what a beautiful day!  We all had another great walk/run and now DH is off for his bike ride of the day.  No plans today just going to relax and enjoy our home.

Had another wonderful supper last started out as a BBQ but the wind ended that so finished it up in the convection oven.  Pork roast with homemade cherry BBQ sauce, baked tators and caprese salad.  We had stopped at a Colorado Cherry store and picked up some stuff.  Hence, the cherry BBQ sauce idea using Cherry preserves.

We are eating well....heehee.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clean as a whistle~~~~~

Our Fiver is clean and shiney...we had taken it through a truck wash Sunday am and then yesterday DH finished waxing it.

We have settled into our home away from home here in Colorado.  Oprah and Mandie are very happy as you can see here.....

Libby is sitting on one of the kitchen chairs watching anything and everything that moves......

We had a wonderful supper again last night of Shrimp Scampi over brown rice, tossed salads and hot garlic rolls.  Yummy but I didn't get a picture of it.

This next picture shows where the puppies stay when we are outside chillin out.  They love their kennel and it was a great investment.  It keeps them safe but free to roam a bit as well.

After our walk/runs this am....I made Blueberry pancakes (DH request) for breakfast.

We are taking a day trip up into the mountains today.

Gorgeous!! The Rocky Mountain area is beautiful.  We had a nice day trip and here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely