Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camping World~~~~~

We went to our first Camping World yesterday...well it was an Express store but we still ended up making some purchases.  On the way home from there we stopped at Rv America which is supposedly the largest indoor RV showroom.  It wasn't anything that we hadn't seen before but we enjoyed checking out both motorhomes and fivers.  We made quite an impression with our F650 Supercruzer....they wanted to sell us something to pull but we told them we were pulling a Royals International with mouths dropped they decided not to try and sell any more.  It was really funny.  However, this one fellow, quite the talker decided we needed to see a Tiffin Allegro Bus which I had explained was what we were looking at before we found our home.  Well the Bus was very impressive and it was the bath and 1/2 which we had not seen before.  Very very fancy coach but still way out of our price range without the Lotto win.  Heehee

This was the first time we had left our puppies at home and they did not throw a fit so that was a good thing.  We were very pleased.

We had another great day and evening finished with burgers and pasta salad for supper.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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  1. Camping World is like Disneyland to Rv'ers!!!..glad that the 'fourlegged kids' behaved themselves!!


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