Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stocking up~~~~~

On supplies today for our return trip up and over the mountains tomorrow to Burlington, Iowa our home base for now....heehee

We had a relaxing evening last night...a simple supper of burgers, baked tators, salad and garlic bread.  Tonight my plan is for fish, wasabi mash tators and spinach casserole.

We don't have much of anything planned for today but to sit and enjoy some more warm sunshine and may read my book too.  It is getting exciting.....since I am not much of a reader this book has been able to keep me interested and look forward to reading it.  Thanks Mom for letting me take it on this trip.

By the way, the cinnamon rolls you sent with us have been delish.....we finished them up on our camping trip.

Well we are getting ready to head out to Walmart so I will sign off for now.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely