Saturday, November 2, 2013

Movers were a few hours late~~~~~

We ended up meeting up with the guys around took until around 4:00PM for them to finish up loading the Arizona furniture up and they were on their way.   They will be arriving in Phoenix on Monday late and will be ready to unload at Emilee's around 7:00PM.  Crazy!

Next came the carpet cleaner...he finished up around 5:30 and Craig said the carpets look brand new.  Our tenants will be happy I am sure.  While Craig waited at the house with the carpet guy, I was home cleaning up a mess from our puppies....they got into the plants.  ?!?!?  Then I decided to sauté up some chicken, with mashed tators and lima beans.  Craig was a happy camper (no pun intended) when he arrived home around 6:00PM.  It was a yummy supper after a bit of a stressful day.

After dinner we took the puppies for a walk and now are relaxing with a John Wayne movie while I write the blog for tonight.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely