Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oreganos Yum~~~~~

We went to a place called Oreganos last night, Craig, myself, Emilee and her best friend Tim.  What a great and neat place to eat.  We started off with wine and then our first course was delish bruschetta.  Craig had a steak salad, I had a wonderful pasta dish, Em had a gigantic shrimp salad and Tim did a pasta dish.  It was sooooo good we want to go back again before we leave.

Today we went to the huge home show and it was great.  Tonight Tim and Em are going to go out for a few and we are going to stay home.  That suits us just fine.  I want to watch Miss America anyways.

Other then that we are starting on our last week here on Tuesday.... :(

More blogging will be done later....

Until Next

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday shopping day~~~~~

Five hours later we were home......heehee.

We went to Camping World to try and find a 12 volt light bulb, then to a couple of places for gift cards for a couple of friends.  Then off to Wally World and that took us forever.  I was never so happy to get home.

The rest of the day was football.....for our dinner I made halibut mornay, mushroom risoto and salads.  We relaxed then with some TV until 10:00.  Emilee also worked doing today's work schedule.  She is constantly least she can do some of it at home with a glass of wine. :)

Today will be a day for some sun and a run on Central Avenue.  My computer will not upload any photos so I plan to try using Emilee's later.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Great day for a run~~~~~

Emilee and I ran this am doing a 4.5 miler down Central Avenue which is the oldest trail riding road in Phoenix.  It is gravel and easy to run on and oh so beautiful with the older gorgeous homes along the way.  It is approx. two blocks from Emilee's home and neighborhood.

Craig did more honey do's again both our home and Em's home.  :)

We planned for a BBQ tonight and made pork country ribs marinated in my sweet sauce and chicken boobies as well.  Plus I made homemade red potato mashed and spagetti zuchini.  It was delish from what I was told.

Last night Emilee got home quite late so we decided to go to happy hour at her neighborhood bar and Craig opted to stay home.  We had a great time and ended up at Via Delosantos...remember Mom this is the place we went to the first night we arrived for Em's open house.

Well I better get a move on....

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone~~~~~

I plan to try and post pictures to go along with the posts so bear with me as it may take a while.  This computer does not like blogging.  As soon as I can I will be discontinuing this verizon line and hooking up thru Dish Network with a real PC.

So here goes....I did take quite a few pictures from yesterday at work at AAWL so here goes.

By the way, we went to Pappadioux last night and it was delish.  I had salmon smothered with a seafood sauce of shrimp, crawfish and mushrooms, Craig had a ceasar salad with chicken and Emilee had Mahi Mahi blackened with a seafood sauce as well along with dirty rice.

No pictures from last night though at dinner.

Be sure and look at the older posts from our Phoenix Adventure.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA~~~~~

Oh my gosh what a day we have had.....following Emilee today was exhausting but so very amazing!  She is quite the manager....and her co-workers are all so wonderful.  I washed instruments as my job and also held a very whiney puppy after he came out of surgery and was very confused and scared.  The Doctors are excellent and really nice.  Doctor Channing explained everything in detail to me as if I was a new student.  I watched both spay and neuters, along with dentals for which Emilee did on two dogs and two cats.

I will add more to the blog later.....I am tired and need to get cleaned up for our dinner out tonight.

Stay tuned~~~~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lazy Day New Year~~~~~

We had it that's for sure....Football, snacking and alittle yard work.

We had a nice new year at Rum Runners with Emilee.  Met alot of really nice people who all had so many nice things to say about Em.  We were proud parents for sure.  We walked home around 11:00 and Em was dropped off at around 1:30 by a couple of really nice ladies we met. They had taken Em to a place called Pappadouix's here in Phoenix to congratulate her for her promotion and they highly recommend we go there while we are here so we plan to do that this week.

I cooked last night.....marinated italian chicken, spagetti with my homemade sauce, corn and crescents.  For dessert I had made banana bars with cream cheese frosting earlier.

Today will be a busy day for Emilee which is the reason I didn't go into work with her.  I decided to wait until she is ready for me to volunteer.  Craig and I have a few things to do today and I will need to plan for supper tonight as well.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely