Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Friday~~~~~

Funny that I have now realized being retired a person really does lose track of time.  I thought today was going to be Thursday which Emilee laughed at last night when she stopped for supper.  I had texted her early in the day to ask about stopping and she called me on her way home and had decided to head on home as she had a tiring day.  Until she asked what I had made.... ;)  Tuna noodle casserole... "I'll be right there" she said!  She hadn't had that for a long time and neither had we.  There are no leftovers.  Heehee!

Today~~~~went for another 2 miler with the girls.  Now I plan to sit out in the sun for a bit because we are hitting 70's for temps this week and next will be close to the 80's.  We love Arizona....and will be heading off after the first of the year to explore the west side of the state and then head into California as well.

Any nice places to stop from other travelers would be greatly appreciated to know.  Thanks.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely