Saturday, December 24, 2011

We are blessed~~~~~

Our trip thus far has been uneventful.  The worst weather we encountered was in Burlington when we left home with snow.  Otherwise, clear as a bell.  Our first leg was a good one all the way to a nice rest area near Emporia, KS.  Yesterday we had a looonnng ride of 500 miles all the way to Tucumcari, NM.  Lots of snow but the roads are perfectly clear.  Everything in our fiver is working perfect including the it got down to about 20 degrees here at Mountain View RV Park in Tucumcari.

DH (darling husband) is getting ready to go for a run with the puppies.  I have already had them out for their morning business and made coffee .... life is good.  We plan to top off the fuel, oatmeal at Micky D's for breakfast and off we go to Springerville, AZ for our final night before dropping over into the beautiful valley....Phoenix with just under 70 degrees there.  Emilee has been keeping in touch and is very anxious for our arrival as our we.

May all of you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and we miss and love all of our families.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely