Saturday, January 14, 2012

Long time no blog~~~~~

Sorry I have been non-blogging lately but we are on our way home :(

At any rate, our first stop was at Casino Rte 66 and we had a nice dinner and a live band there.

Last night we stayed at Western Star RV Park in Liberal, KS.  It was awesome and will be one of our stops the end of this year when we head back to Phoenix....heehee

Tonight we are at Homewood RV just east of Williamsburg, KS.  It is a small park and will be perfect for our over night stay before heading into Burlington tomorrow.  We are hoping for an early afternoon arrival.

We are having surf and turf tonight but I won't be doing the steaks in the convection again as it sets the fire alarm off.

Looking forward to home but we know for sure that this is the lifestyle we are planning for after retirement.  We love it ~~~~~ to all of our family.....whether you believe it or not.  LOL

Love to all!

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stocking up~~~~~

On supplies today for our return trip up and over the mountains tomorrow to Burlington, Iowa our home base for now....heehee

We had a relaxing evening last night...a simple supper of burgers, baked tators, salad and garlic bread.  Tonight my plan is for fish, wasabi mash tators and spinach casserole.

We don't have much of anything planned for today but to sit and enjoy some more warm sunshine and may read my book too.  It is getting exciting.....since I am not much of a reader this book has been able to keep me interested and look forward to reading it.  Thanks Mom for letting me take it on this trip.

By the way, the cinnamon rolls you sent with us have been delish.....we finished them up on our camping trip.

Well we are getting ready to head out to Walmart so I will sign off for now.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home in Phoenix~~~~~

We had an uneventful ride from Roper Lake back to Phoenix.  Last night we decided on Italian for dinner and Emilee and I went by ourselves.  DH decided he wanted to just lay up and watch TV.  He had the left over lettuce wraps I had made the night before.  We ended up bringing him home salad and alfredo from the place we went to called ??? I can't remember.  It was not as good as we had hoped for.

Today Emilee went back to work and I have been doing laundry all morning and sitting in the sun.  The weather is beautiful here.  Em's neighborhood is so quiet and the folk are very nice and friendly.  This gives me peace of mind for sure.  Her home is so comfy even with all the dog and cat hair....heehee (just kidding)

We are both kinda anxious to start home and get back into the swing of things but will be ready to make another return trip here at the end of this year again.  We really like it here.  After we retire we plan to make this our home base during the winter months and take off and explore during the summer months because of the intense heat here in Phoenix during that time.

We miss all of our families and hope all is well.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Saturday, January 7, 2012

We had a great hike~~~~~

Here are a few pictures from our hike around the beautiful Roper Lake Campground.....

Emilee relaxing with her Kindle.....

Stay tuned for more later....DH and Emilee are on a bike ride.  I'm babysitting... :)

Great fire and meal~~~~~

Wow what a wonderful day and evening we had last night.  DH went to Walmart to stock up on more supplies.  We had a beautiful fire as you can see:

More pictures from our day out and about:

Our meal was great and consisted of BBQ chicken breast, roasted brussel sprouts on the barby, and baked potatoes but you can see for yourself:

Hope you enjoy our blog and pictures.  We plan a hike up and over this ridge to the South of us today.

More news and pictures later.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Thursday, January 5, 2012

We made it~~~~~

To our home away from home for a few days.  It is perfect as I had imagined.  I plan to post pictures of our road trip here, uneventful ride (all these puppies amaze me) and gorgeous scenery.

Some of our ride over to Roper Lake:

We had a delish meal last night at the casino, mussels for me, Em had lettuce wraps and wonton crab thingys, DH had surf and turf stir fry and steamed brocoli.  After dinner DH went back to the Fiver to check on the kids...then went to the hot tub and we played slots and lost....oh well we had fun.

DH and Em and Leila are bike riding.  Leila is Em's Yorky and she loves to go in her bike basket.  I will get a picture when they return.  I took out a turkey burger for Emilee and ground beef for us for dinner tonight.  It will be a great evening with our meal and we got firewood for a fire later too.  It is soooo quiet here and we love it.  We have neighbors but you wouldn't know it.

Scenes from around our site:

I better figure out what else I am going to fix so I will sign off until later.  Emilee made a delish veggie dish that went very well with our burgers.  Great meal!!

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Camping World~~~~~

We finally made it to Camping World...I think I forgot to tell you we made the trip the other day but when we arrived it was an empty Camping World.  At any rate, we went today and picked up a few things.

Tonight we will be getting all of Emilee's things ready and loaded into the Fiver for our trip to Roper Lake.  We have decided to leave Wednesday after she gets off work.  We will be driving to Wild Horse Casino  in Chandler, Az.  for Wednesday night.  It is free and we plan to eat and gamble a little.  I can't wait....

Well I need to get out in the sun for a bit.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Monday, January 2, 2012

A great day for a ride~~~~~

Bike ride that is....we are off in a few to take a ride to a place to have a bite to eat and visit with another of Em's friends Emily.  Looking forward to seeing her.

Later we plan to get to the store for our BIG camping trip to Roper Lake Campground Thursday thru Monday.  It will be relaxing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix.  It seems like it takes forever to get anywhere.

Since Em has to work tonight we plan to head over there for supper tonight.  They have great salads.  I had one during the Iowa game.  Greens, apples, candied pecans and blue cheese....with ranch blue cheese dressing.  Yummy.

Right now we are watching the Outback Bowl waiting on Tim to text on time for meeting him for lunch.  He will be watching over Emilee's two older guys Rusty and Bob, along with Bobby and Tammy the hospice cats (they have kidney failure)but are soooo happy now that they are in a home of their own.  They occupy Emilee's office.  He will watch over Annie and Stevie (cats) as well who belong to Emilee.  It is quite the managerie of animals but they are all happy.  We appreciate him taking care of everyone while we are out in the boonies camping.  He and Murphy (Tim's Border Collie) will enjoy staying at Em's.

Well we are getting ready to take off....sooooooo

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

Sunday, January 1, 2012


A new year has begun....which means DH only has approximately 4 months before official retirement.  For me on the other hand it will be just under two years. {smile}

We had a great time last night...but could only make it to 12:00 NY time.  The only picture taken was of our table of way too much food.

It was delish and we had a great bowling tourney on the Wii with Emilee winning the first game and Tim winning the second game.

This morning Emilee had to work at 7:00 and I agreed to tag along with her to watch her in action.  I am here to tell you that she is quite an animal handler.  She gets all the dogs and cats medicated in record time and how she keeps it all straight is amazing.  There are some beautiful puppies and older dogs just waiting for their forever home.  It is wonderful to see all the volunteers there by 6:00am to clean the litter and feed and water the cats and the dogs.  And the dog walkers are truly a blessing to the AAWL as they take each and every dog for daily walks.

We were home by 10:00 and we both took a short nap.  Now we are enjoying the 78 degree day and relaxing.  Sooooooo.....

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely