Thursday, January 5, 2012

We made it~~~~~

To our home away from home for a few days.  It is perfect as I had imagined.  I plan to post pictures of our road trip here, uneventful ride (all these puppies amaze me) and gorgeous scenery.

Some of our ride over to Roper Lake:

We had a delish meal last night at the casino, mussels for me, Em had lettuce wraps and wonton crab thingys, DH had surf and turf stir fry and steamed brocoli.  After dinner DH went back to the Fiver to check on the kids...then went to the hot tub and we played slots and lost....oh well we had fun.

DH and Em and Leila are bike riding.  Leila is Em's Yorky and she loves to go in her bike basket.  I will get a picture when they return.  I took out a turkey burger for Emilee and ground beef for us for dinner tonight.  It will be a great evening with our meal and we got firewood for a fire later too.  It is soooo quiet here and we love it.  We have neighbors but you wouldn't know it.

Scenes from around our site:

I better figure out what else I am going to fix so I will sign off until later.  Emilee made a delish veggie dish that went very well with our burgers.  Great meal!!

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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