Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back to the Farmers Market~~~~~

Looking forward to visiting the wonderful market we found the other day.  Woohoo another short road trip this afternoon...

More news later...

The market was closed.  But we found another one with everything you could possibly want or need.  Just have a look at the pictures.  We ended up with a roasted whole chicken, some edamame quinoa salad, some pot stickers and egg rolls.  Not only that but several different fruit choices as well.  Oh one other thing I didn't realize Craig also picked up was two chocolate chunk cookies.  :)

On our short ride back to the rolling condo we stopped to take some pictures of some homes along with the ocean views these homes enjoy!

The Pacific is beautiful today!

The above picture from afar is where we run/walk on the beach near the pier every day!

This was a yard sign near one of the houses I really liked!
Right now we are watching the Iowa vs Ohio St. game.
We will be ending the day today with a beautiful sunset and a fire in our pit!
The sunset did not disappoint!

 Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely