Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How about a hike~~~~~


The day started with our hike......  Enjoy the following pictures from our 3 mile hike.  Craig and Libby had left quite a while ahead of us.......

Mandy ready to go
Oprah ready to go

Our hike along the lake

Up zee hill and

down zee hill......

This lake is really pretty

For a few hours this afternoon I spent watching the sun in a chair by the pool.....

Our evening ended with grilled chicken on the barby with left over savory noodle kugel.

Yep nice grill Mom (Xmas gift in 2010 from my mama)
And  to end our night we were graced with one of those unbelievable Arizona sunsets.
Life of retirement is great and I wish it for all of our family and friends as soon as possible.....

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely