Saturday, January 14, 2012

Long time no blog~~~~~

Sorry I have been non-blogging lately but we are on our way home :(

At any rate, our first stop was at Casino Rte 66 and we had a nice dinner and a live band there.

Last night we stayed at Western Star RV Park in Liberal, KS.  It was awesome and will be one of our stops the end of this year when we head back to Phoenix....heehee

Tonight we are at Homewood RV just east of Williamsburg, KS.  It is a small park and will be perfect for our over night stay before heading into Burlington tomorrow.  We are hoping for an early afternoon arrival.

We are having surf and turf tonight but I won't be doing the steaks in the convection again as it sets the fire alarm off.

Looking forward to home but we know for sure that this is the lifestyle we are planning for after retirement.  We love it ~~~~~ to all of our family.....whether you believe it or not.  LOL

Love to all!

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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  1. we have to pull the smoke detector and put it in the glove box sometimes when cooking... glad you enjoyed your trip!


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