Sunday, October 24, 2010


From the reviews it looks like it could be a great movie to see.  My Mom and I are going to see it today.  It Was Awesome!!

I don't think the love of horses will ever be out of my blood completely.

I am not even sure why I had such a connection to the horse.  I was only in 8th grade when my Dad finally agreed to get me my first one.  Prince was his name or at least that's what I named him.  He was a mixed breed .... a Shetland pony and Arabian horse.  He cost $50 and that was alot of money to my parents.  I was a lucky girl.  He was so pretty.  Grey with a white blaze on his face.  He was born in Illinois on my cousins grandparents farm.  We lived in Iowa about an hour or so away.  At the time my folks owned a van called a Greenbriar I think was the name of it.  It had two bench type seats back behind the driver and passenger.  Dad decided to remove those two seats and bring Prince home in the Greenbriar.  I think it was Dad, me, one or two of my brothers, and maybe Mom.  I can't remember now....I can't remember how we got him into the vehicle either but I am sure my Dad was having second thoughts about his decision.

We made our way home back to Iowa with Prince who was a perfect gentlemen the entire way.  He only had one accident but then I now know that when a horse gets into a trailer they always do there business.  They say it is from nerves.  If I ever had a horse with a belly ache, I would load them up into the trailer and immediately they would let loose.  LOL  The belly ache went away though.  By the way, I didn't even have the trailer hooked up to my pickup.

In order to get from Illinois back into to Iowa we had to cross the MacArthur bridge which at the time was a toll bridge.  In fact, my Dad, who was a Burlington Fire Fighter his entire life would work the toll bridge as well to make extra money.  He really enjoyed it though.  At any rate, we made our way across the bridge and stopped to pay our toll.  If you could have seen the look on the toll booth guy when we pulled up, it was one of those priceless moments.  A good laugh was had by all.  By the way, we kept the window down and Prince would stick his head out and the people would have to take that second look.  It was a very memorable trip that we all still laugh about when we start reminicng about the "good old days" when life seemed simpler to us.  But then we were just kids.

Memories they are great!

Until next time~~~~Travel safely


  1. Getting your first horse is always a good memory. Haven't seen the movie yet but plan too.

    By the way, Love your rig.

    Travel Safe

  2. Thank you very much! We are both very excited to start living in it. You must go to the was great!


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