Monday, December 27, 2010

Lake Pleasant~~~~~

Where have you been all our lives.  Seriously why why why didn't we come here to begin with.  Cause we are both learning learning learning all the time!  DH has become my very own McGyver (sp).  He can fix anything.  Not that we have any major things just normal first timer stuff.  We are becoming "experts" very quickly.

Anywho, back to Lake Pleasant.  The name fits it.  We just finished taking our puppies for a walk over to this peninsula above.  The rest will be pictures from when we arrived and are now settled into a beautiful site. Site #11.

We are very happy with our new spot and I am sure you can all understand why.  Emilee is coming out tonight after work to spend another night with us.  She will love it here although she has been here before to Lake Pleasant that is.

Until next time~~~~Travel safely

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  1. Just discovered your blog. Nice rig. Welcome to the world of RV'ing. We are newbies too....and are soon to leave from British Columbia, Canada for the sunnier climes of Arizona, Southern California, and perhaps - if time permits - Texas.



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