Sunday, March 30, 2014

Long time again no blog~~~~~

Please enjoy the following pictures from what has been going on.....we have been doin some movin!

Emilee's new home and her surrounding 5 acre desert!

Kitchen and Living Room Area


 Emilee's master


There are three other bedrooms and three full bathrooms.  She will use one of them as her office, one as a guest bedroom for visitors(family and friends) and her roommate Barb will have a master suite on the opposite side of the house with her own private entrance.
Here now please enjoy some of the surrounding views of her sanctuary.....
Front of the house.

These are beautiful and she has 4 of them and the hummingbirds love the orange flowers!

This tree is gorgeous and huge in the front yard area.

This mountain area is a preserve and a view to the NW


Her cactus backyard....

The cacti are blooming......

One of her cactus gardens.....:)
We have another owl collector in our family (Grandma is so proud)!!

The next picture is one of the other reasons Emilee chose this site...
The paw print in the mountain to the East of her home....
We hope you have enjoyed viewing the pictures of Rusty's Angels Sanctuary and thank you everyone for your love and support!!!!
Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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  1. Beautiful series of photos. The front of the house looks so regal!


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