Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ranch Market~~~~~

Went to Ranch Market yesterday and loaded up on produce.  On Wednesday and Thursday they have almost all of their produce for 99 cents per lb.  Needless to say we are stocked up for a few weeks with fresh veggies and fruit.  It is a Mexican market and you have to know how to speak the language in order to understand some of the food goods.  The meat counter cracked us up.  We had fresh watermelon juice too.  It was soooo good.

We are hoping to be able to hit that place a couple more times before we start heading east towards the Midwest.

We are moving North towards New River, Arizona to a new park called Pioneer RV Resort on March 12th.  Looking forward to another move.

Emilee is getting closer to her Sanctuary dream as she received her EIN number yesterday.  Woohoo!

Tammy and the rest of our family are still dealing with winter back in Iowa but there will be a warm up coming their way and we are happy about that.

I have not talked about the neighborhood we live in meaning the park we are is mostly a park model type park but there are several RV's as well.  The couple across the street are June and Gene from Illinois and Wisconsin.  They spend winter here every year.  They are very nice and our pups love them because they are the neighborhood doggie treat house.  Our dogs watch out our screen door on the Fiver and when they come out on their porch they start carrying on like you would think they are starving.  They will miss them when we leave in a few days....

Other then that, we are still enjoying the warm sunshine here in Arizona.  We do love it here.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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