Monday, March 17, 2014

Work at the sanctuary and BBQ~~~~~

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Craig and Emilee did some yard work yesterday at the sanctuary while I stayed home and prepped for a nice Sunday evening BBQ which included my Mom's potato salad, homemade baked beans, and chips and salsa.  Along with that, we did portabella mushrooms and cheese burgers on the barby!

They were tired when they arrived back here at our spot #526 but enjoyed the meal and recap of their day.  Next Friday and Saturday the fencing goes in for the pups and the following weekend is moving day!  Emilee is getting excited about that.

We have been enjoying our stay here in Arizona and may be making some major decisions within the next few years.....more on that some other time.  HeeHee!

This morning Craig and Libby had there first run in with a rattler!!  Thankfully they warn you before striking for which they immediately turned around.  He did turn and look at it and it was almost invisible against the desert d├ęcor so that was scary!  It was about a five footer and big and fat!  Says he and Libby will be staying on the pavement from now on.  That is where Oprah, Mandie and I always stay when we do our run!

It is getting a lot warmer here so the snakes are starting to appear.  They are more afraid of us then we of them actually so we shouldn't have any other issues with them.  We have yet to see any Scorpions which is fine with me!!

Here is a picture of Libby watching all the bunnies and ground squirrels running around.  It just about kills her that she can't go get them.

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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