Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood~~~~~

Today is turning into the gorgeous day Phoenix typically has to offer.  The temp should hit 70 to 72 and I'll take it.

Craig is off getting the Fiver cleaned from all the road travel, dumping tanks and checking into a new wheel.  I am starting some chicken to boil for some white chili for supper this evening.

Emilee is going to be late getting home so I decided chili would be a perfect dish to prepare for everyone to eat whenever.  I may throw together some banana bars later too.

We started our day with a walk/run with the puppies.  Today I took Layla and Henry,Emilee's Yorky and Andolian Shepherd, with us as well and they enjoyed it.

Craig's family are all here for a grand Thanksgiving on Thursday and we are looking forward to that.  It will be a celebration for sure.

Other then that, today will be one of those laid back type of days.  Em's neighborhood is so quiet and then all of a sudden the church bells start up and it is so pretty.

More later.....

Until Next Time~~~~Travel Safely

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