Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday night~~~~~

Dinner at the Drake.  Tammy and Troy, Craig and I and our grandkids as well will be enjoying a meal together tonight to celebrate our bon voyage!  After our meal we will come back to the Fiver and have dessert (Cherry Pie Bars) for which I made this morning before doing all my running around.

This has been our home for the past 2 weeks.

Our puppies are ready to hit the road
First thing today I had to go say goodbye to my co-workers and sign my exit papers....woohoo it did feel good to do this after my career with Case New Holland.

Next I went to the St Vincent de Paul food bank to deliver the $325 dollars from Mom's memorial.  Wow that is an amazing thing those people do and I was thrilled to deliver this to them.  Thank you to everyone who donated to this memorial fund.  It was a shock to me at first because the line of people waiting to get food really made me realize how many people are in need in deed.  With as small as Burlington is I can only imagine what places like this must be like in a bigger city.  Made me feel very fortunate to have what we have......and sad for those in need. 

We had a fun time and here are a few pictures.


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